Website: maslife.es
Services: Naming

Claar.design partnered with iPunto and Worth Sapiens to win this important pitch for GRUPO MASMOVIL and create a wonderful and unique retail experience, gathering all the group brands in one place.

With the strong name “MASlife” that invites the customers to enjoy their time and life saving money, the yellow line design concept is guiding the clients from brand to brand, using the strength of the MASlife yellow color, reaching a new level of creativity in the Telecom sector.

With a design system that is created to meet current and upcoming demands with Maximum creative simplicity and unique recognition at all “ON and OFF” touchpoints, we helped MASlife create over a 150 shops in all sizes and places all over Spain, in 24 months, gathering all the GRUPO MASMOVIL brands in one and unique retail experience.

The new MASlife umbrella brand is smart, flexible and has a very clear recognition, helping the commercial brands to thrive.